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Track Your Sales in Real Time


We can pick your items up or you can drop them off at our Bloomington store.

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All consignment items are barcoded with a sales tag that uses a unique ID to track each clients products. 

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All of the items that are consigned with us are delivered to our Bloomington Liquidation center located at 3470 West 3rd St. in Bloomington.

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Watch your sales roll in through our custom built dashboard. See what items sell, how much they sold for and more.


There is a 50/50 commission on consignment items.


You will get a payment from items 2 months after the sale date with your choice of Paypal, Zelle or check.

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Sales By Item

Sales By Date

List of Items

As soon as an item sells it will appear in a list on your seller dashboard.

You can track your sales by day, month and year. 

When you consign your items with us you will get a full list of every item from 50 cents to more than $3000. 

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