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Do you want the items back if they don't sell after 1 month?

Yes, I want all items back that do not sell in 1 month. ($25 Fee)

No, you can dispose of unsold items as you see fit. (Free)

* Our barcoding system does not track a product by location in the store. The barcode is only meant to track who a product belongs to and how much it sells for. The nature of our store allows for shoppers to pick items up and move them around. It is NOT possible for us to tell you what items are remaining after 1 month or where they are in the store. While we do closely monitor the store for shoplifting there are individuals that can slip small items into a pocket or switch tags on items that have not been itemized. We are not responsible for theft. We do use common sense for store placement of high value items. For example, we will not place an Apple Watch on a shelf in the back of the store next to 50 cent jewelry. When the decision is left to us we will donate as many items as possible. By selecting NO you are giving us permission to dispose of items in the manner we see fit regardless of the condition. Selecting yes means that our staff needs to take paid time to coordinate product pickup during non-open hours. You are responsible for finding your items in the store and picking them up within 7 days of our message signaling the end of the 1 month period. The fee for selecting (YES) is $25 that will be collected from the portion of sales owed to you. The Garage Organizers staff gets first choice for when the pickup is done.  A fee of $10 per day will be assessed if any items remain after 7 days. This fee must be paid in order to remove the items.

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