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While it may seem like your garage is in a state of disarray there is a good chance that we can tackle it in 3 hours or less. Our organizers are extremely efficient with what they do. The most common delay in garage organization is the decision making timeframe. If a client can tell our organizer what is trash, what is a sell item and what is a keep item as fast as we can carry it out then several hours can be saved. This package does not include trash removal which can be bundled in at checkout. Below we have listed the common tasks that are completed in the quick organization package. We DO NOT guarantee that we will finish your garage in 3 hours, but we can make significant progress in this time. The photos in this service package are of a few of the garages that we completed in less than 3 hours. After purchasing this package we will give you  a call to discuss how we can make the best use of time and schedule a project date. The 3 hour package is our minimum so if we do complete the job in less time your cost will not go down. After the 3 hour timeframe you can choose to have our organizer continue at $50 per hour if our schedule allows it. 


Organization Order of Operations

1. Remove everything from the garage.

2. Homeowner decides what is trash, what is sellable and what is staying while we remove items. 

3. We will sweep the floors and wipe down countertops. 

4. Shelving, overhead storage, bike racks, peg board and hooks will be installed during this time if purchased. Installation time does not count toward your 3 hours because it is included in the individual service add-ons. 

6. Items that are staying will be organized and then placed back into the garage starting with the largest products.

7. Labels will be added to containers.

8. Final sweep out. 


Services That Can Be Added At Checkout (Purchase 3 Services For a 15% Discount)

1. Heavy Duty 27 Gallon Containers $13 Each

2. 7 Foot Industrial Shelving Unit With Installation $250

3. Double Bike Rack With Installation $65

4. Overhead Storage With Installation ($200-$400)

5. Pegboard Sheets + Backing Strips+ Hooks With Installation ($60-$80 Each Sheet)

6. Trash Removal ($100-$300)


3 Hour Organization